Recovery Certificates

Same-day recovery certificates, required by both employers, education and the travel sector to confirm you are fit and well.

UK and International

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Fast and Reliable: Over 45,000 Certificates Issued, Helping Reduce Strain on NHS GPs – No Appointment Required

Chickenpox Recovery

Same-day medical fit-to-fly certificate, required by your airline to prove scabbed-over chickenpox is no longer infectious.

Availability: UK and International

Covid-19 Recovery Certificate

Same-day medical recovery certificate, required to confirm you are fully recovered from COVID-19 and fit to travel.

Availability: UK and International

Covid-19 Test Verification

Same-day verification service, confirming the result of a COVID-19 rapid lateral flow test.

Availability: UK and International

Fit to Work

Same-day fit-to-work certificate, required to confirm you are fit to return to your place of work or start a new role.

Availability: UK and International 

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