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Work Sickness Certificate


Same-day workplace medical sickness certificate, required to confirm sickness or a health condition and its impact on your work.

Availability: UK and International

Availability: Deliverable Immediately

Work sickness certificate

If you have been sick, or you have a health condition that has affected your ability to work, your employer may require a medical sickness certificate as evidence.

Our doctors can provide you with a same-day medical certificate that will confirm your illness and symptoms, whether your condition is ongoing or resolved, and any sickness leave required. No appointment is needed – simply apply online.


What will I receive?

You will receive a verifiable digital PDF letter signed by a medical professional and sent directly to your mobile, containing the following details:

Your name, date of birth and workplace.

Your sickness or medical condition, when symptoms started and if they are ongoing or you are now recovered.

Up to 7 days of sickness leave at a time.

Signature and authorisation by one of our GMC-registered UK doctors.

Contact details of ZoomDoc Health with a QR code enabling a verification check.

Meet our Doctors

"If you’re unwell and need proof for your employer, our doctors can help. Upload a short video of your symptoms and complete a brief questionnaire; our doctors will individually assess you, provide health advice, and issue your sickness certificate the same day. Our QR-coded certificates can be verified by your workplace anytime, revolutionising the sick note process and supporting thousands of employees."

Dr Kenny Livingstone. GP & ZoomDoc Chief Medical Officer.

How to get a Work sickness certificate online

Upload a video

Upload by 9pm for same-day service. This should be a 30 second – 1 minute video describing your symptoms.

Doctor validates evidence

Our doctors will look over the evidence you provide. *

same day turn around

Receive your letter, same day

You’ll receive an email with your letter, with a QR code so they can be verified and accepted worldwide.


* This is a private UK doctor service – the medical certificates we provide are not the same as NHS Med3 Fit Notes, which are only available from healthcare professionals delivering NHS services.


What will I need to supply?

To allow us to assess your condition and issue a medical certificate, we will require the following information:

A photo of your passport, driving license or workplace ID

Confirmation of when your sickness or condition started

Whether your sickness is ongoing, or you are now recovered

A 30-second to 1-minute video describing your symptoms

The name of your workplace

Details of your regular NHS GP (if you have one)

Send us a message

If your query is not answered below - please send us a message via the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

After uploading your medical evidence, our doctors will review your submission on the same day (between 9am and 9pm GMT, 7 days a week) – they may call you if they have any questions or queries regarding your condition or symptoms.

Once your workplace medical sickness certificates has been validated, we will send it to you by email and SMS.

They will also follow up with medical advice and support via email.

We require you to:

✓ Upload a photo of your passport or workplace ID

✓ Complete a medical questionnaire

✓ Upload a short video (on your mobile) describing your symptoms

Our medical letters and certificates have QR codes that can be scanned to verify the document's authenticity.

Once scanned, your online results portal is loaded, from where your medical letter can be reviewed and personal details confirmed.

We only provide full refunds if we are unable to provide a medical certificate.

Once our doctors have provided a medical certificate, we are unable to process a refund.

Our team will review your evidence and provide you with your certificate on the same day that evidence is uploaded (between 9am and 9pm GMT, 7 days a week).

UK doctors at ZoomDoc Health sign your work medical sickness certificate.

We are a UK-regulated healthcare service and all our doctors are registered with the UK General Medical Council.

After reviewing your medical evidence, our doctors can provide up to 7 days of sickness leave with your certificate.

If you are still unwell after the initial 7-day period, you may apply for a further sickness certificate for additional leave.

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